This is your official invite to:
The Fast Path Multiplying Your Impact and Income Through Scaling Without Sacrifice 
Multiply Your Impact and Income 
This is your official invite to:
The Fast Path to Multiplying Your Impact and Income Through Scaling Without Sacrifice 
Multiply Your Impact and Income 
"This is simple. I followed your blueprint and we sold out our Mastermind, producing well over $100,000 in under 5 minutes and at least another $50,000 in the next three days. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Todd Tramonte,
Todd Tramonte's Real Estate Growth Systems
There has never been a revolutionary coaching program like this.



  Client Generation Workshop
        Uncovering your “Big Idea”
        How to unlock what your target market will buy
        Scaling from course to high-ticket offer 
        Plus all tools, templates and recording
  Receive one-on-one coaching from Kim on your topic, your audience and your content.
  You will leave this workshop with your Client Generation Machine Blueprint 100% done!

$24,997 Value



  Copy and paste 7-figure webinar script and slides
  Receive a personalized review of your slides from Kim before you launch
  Fill Your Webinar Formula Workshop
  Your entire webinar campaign will be set up...for you.

$9,997 Value



  Apex Accelerator Workshop
  Virtual Events with Bari Bari Baumgardner
  High Ticket Offers with Scott Whitaker

$4,997 Value

“We started with a blueprint from Kim and were hoping for 100 attendees. At the end of the summit, we ended up with 107 registered attendees so we surpassed our goal. Our show-up rate was 73%. And better yet, we landed a $36,000 client from the event!”
Dorothy Vernon-Brown,
AKB Small Business Marketing


for the easy button to scale to six and seven figures

Power Up Coaches

With Kim Walsh Phillips, The Billion Dollar Woman, for a fast path to launch success
For a fast path to crush your goals with Facebook Ads Expert Kelly LeMay, responsible for multiple 7-figure Facebook Ad Campaigns. Quickly launch and scale your ads.

Create your Hight Ticket Group Coaching, Mastermind of Elite Program with Scott Whitaker, specialist in developing top tier coaching programs. 
Take the fast path to launching a webinar that converts with Lou and Tami Santini
Technology hacks you can use for fast results with Greg Russell
Get in the right mindset with Diane Forster
Go farther faster in the intersection where faith overcomes fear, as Jason Tucker guides you to achieve your goals.  
Figure out the best strategy for you and your business with Judy Hoberman
“We all know that there are a lot of promises out there when it comes to social media marketing. I've been a student of Kim's for years and continue to work with Kim and her team because they deliver. The strategy and tools are supported with real results, first that others got and then results I saw in my own business when I did the work and implemented the step-by-step guides in my business.”
Howard Globus,
IT on Demand


Do you have tech questions? Facebook questions? Marketing strategy or webinar questions? Your coaches are here to answer them all!


for feedback, resources and a like-minded community to inspire, support and celebrate with. In addition, there are coaches on-call and ready to go whenever you want feedback, guidance or support.
"What's incredible is, since following Kim's Blueprint, I've generated $69,699 in course sales and $23,292 in additional coaching revenue."
Dr. Russell Strickland,
Dissertation Done


  Plug and play 7-Figure Lead Generation and Sales Machine  $997 Value
  Six Figure Course Blueprint  $1,997 Value
  Power Pods for accountability and the virtual easy button for success!  $1,997 Value
  Creating Confidence with Justin GuariniMusician, Author and Coach  $1,997 Value
  Your Virtual Event + High Ticket Offer with Bari Baumgardner, Scott Whitaker and Kim Walsh Phillips  $4,997 Value
  One VIP Coaching Session with Nick NantonEmmy Award Winning Storyteller  $1,997 Value


  Summit Success Workshop  $1,997 Value
  Your Expert Magazine  $997 Value
  Best-Selling Book Workshop  $1,997 Value
  Media Placement on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox  $997 Value
"Following Kim's system, I quickly added 2,427 emails to my list and brought in $18,219 in sales!"
Magda Castañeda,
Utopia Health Career Center

Yes! I want to launch now!

Annual Pay Bonus: One-on-one post-webinar debrief with Kim Walsh Phillips to optimize results and scale your six and seven figure path as fast as possible.

Market Value: $47,420

Billed monthly, Non-Refundable First Month Deposit
      Now...let's get to the nitty gritty.
      What if I don't have a course yet?
      Not a problem. You have tons of opportunity to create an offer based on your expertise, or to leverage the Fast Path Summit Start. Our first Implementation Workshop will be on offer creation so you'll have your success roadmap right away.

      What is the investment?
      By enrolling now, you are locking in your Power Up lifetime rate of just $1,197/month or $11,997 annually (your membership will continue at the lowest possible monthly rate after 1 year.)

      Full pay comes with a bonus of a one-on-one post-webinar review with Kim Walsh Phillips to optimize results and scale your six and seven figure path as fast as possible. 

      You can cancel anytime by calling 844-420-7827 or emailing

      May I upgrade to full pay to get the bonus webinar review?
      Yes, you have up to 30 days after enrolling to switch over to the full-pay option. 

      What kind of support is included? 
      Feeling "stuck" is the absolute worst, am I right? In Power Up, you'll have all of the support you need to move ahead no matter your pace (all tortoises and hares are welcome!) You'll be assigned a Power Captain to personally guide you and have access to a members-only Facebook group staffed by paid coaches, ready to answer your questions 24/7, bi-monthly coaching calls with easy buttons for your marketing, sales, Facebook Ad and technology, and open Q&A calls to rapid success. 
      What if I can't attend the workshops live?
      We get have a life! Any question you have may be submitted ahead of any call and all sessions will be recorded.

      How long is the program? 
      Power Up is an ongoing program designed for you to scale your business, automate your sales and delivery and implement your 6 and 7 figure Apex Accelerator.

      Where will I access all of the bonuses, recordings and course materials? 
      After you enroll, the fun begins! You'll receive login information to your course portal where everything is stored so you have access 24/7. 

      Can my partner join with me? 
      Your legal business partner, spouse or marketing director may join with you...getting them on the same page is a fast path to reaching your goals! (Please note that you must be working on the same business and will share the same login. Just the primary will be permitted into the member-only Facebook Group, though.)

      Are the meetings in person or virtual?
      While we would love to see your beautiful face in person, we don't know when the world will be back to a "safe to travel" status, so this program is set up to be 100% virtual. 

      Is my rate locked in?
      As a member, your rate is locked in for the duration of your membership in the program. Another benefit of being an action taker! 

      All sessions are recorded.
      Client Generation Workshop
      December 13th, from 11:00-3:00pm EST

      Power Up Implementation Days
      December 21st, from 11:00-3:00pm EST (+Lab)
      January 18th, from 11:00-3:00pm EST (+Lab)
      February 15th, from 11:00-3:00pm EST (+Lab)

      Power Up Labs
      January 5th, from 3-4:40pm EST
      February 2nd, 3-4:40pm EST
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